A Clever(?) AdWords Technique

For those of you who read manga, you probably know of the name “Naruto”.
”Naruto” is the name of a quite famous Japanese manga series (read more…).
While browsing through a manga site today, I have come across an AdWords that really caught my attention.
”Naruto Hotels”!!! (What the…). Please see the image below for the ad.
I can see that it is an ad from a trip agency but why Naruto!!!???
After reading the details, I realized that, if I don’t misunderstand, the ad probably takes any famous word and put it as the title even if it doesn’t relate to what it is trying to sell.
The outcome is that the trip agency ad appears on a manga site!

Snap_2009.11.21 14.58.10_001

What do you think about this marketing technique?
Do you think the manga readers are their target audiences?
Is this technique effective and not against any rule?
Will it confuse the Web users seeing the ad?

Buildings For Sale

OK.  This is unusual but, well, here we go!

We’ve got buildings for sale in Chiang Mai, Thailand – the land of smiles :)
Chiang Mai has been one of the best place to live in Thailand and probably in Asia or even the World.
With its unique characteristics and cultures, millions of people around the globe come to visit every year and many of them have even decided to settle down.

Today we offer you a great place with a great deal.
The buildings are located close to a famous shopping mall – Central Plaza, Kad Suan Kaew, and one of the most famous educational institutions in the North – Chiang Mai University.
It also takes no time for you to commute to Chiang Mai International Airport.

3 3.5-story buildings for sale:
The middle two are for sale at 3.49M THB each.
The right one is for sale at 3.79M THB.
(The biggest one on the other side has been sold.)
Dimension: 4m x 12m (48 sq.meters)
backyard: 2 m
footpath area: 1.5 m
parking area (in front of building): 4 m

Nice people, great place, and excellent location!
Isn’t that great?
What are you waiting for!
Call +66 (81) 814-2607 for English
Or +66 (87) 101-9613 , +66 (83) 482-6413, +66 (85) 695-2937 for Thai

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Hit Enter Key in a TextBox to Submit a Form – ASP.NET

In ASP.NET, by default, hitting the Enter key in a TextBox fires the Click event of the first button found in the form.
For example, you have sub-forms within a <form> element and each form requires its own default button.
The default action of firing the first button found on a Web page is not what we want.
Making the <form> run at server and setting a DefaultButton property for the form is not a solution since it can only assign one button as the default button.
Having more than one server-side forms is not a solution either since it will not work.

One solution is to surround each sub-form with <asp:Panel> element and setting its DefaultButton property to a desired button.
This way, you can have many sub-forms on one page with their own default buttons :)

Enable Firefox to Access a SharePoint Site Without Logging In

By default, you will need to provide a username and password for accessing a SharePoint site via Firefox even though you are in the same domain as SharePoint’s.
This does not happen in IE.
To enable an automatic login for Firefox, you will need to configure Firefox to use Windows’s built-in NTLM authentication.
To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Type about:config in Firefox’s address bar and press Enter key.
  2. In the Filter textbox, type network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris and press Enter key.
    You should now see the specified setting appearing in the preference name section.
  3. Double click the preference name (or right click and choose Modify) to modify the value.
  4. In the appearing dialog, enter the SharePoint server URLs (with no tailing “/”) separated by a comma and click OK when done.

That’s all and you are good to go :)