DNN Tokens




Currency String


Portal Description


Portal Admin Email


Portal Copyright Text


Portal (relative) Path of Home Directory


Portal Path to Logo file


Portal Name


Portal URL


Difference in minutes between Portal default time and UTC




User’s Display Name


User’s Email Address


User’s First Name




User’s Last Name


User’s Login User Name




Is User Approved?


User Signup Date


Is User Currently Online?




Use any default or custom Property defined for user profiles as listed in Profile Property Definition section of Manage User Accounts. Please use non-localized Property titles only.




Page Description Text for Search Engine


Page Display Until Date


Page Full URL


Page Relative Path to Icon file


Page Keywords for Search Engine


Page Header Text


Page Display from Date


Page Name


Page Relative Path


Page Title (Window Title)


Page URL




Module Definition Description


Module Display Until Date


Module Footer Text


Module Definition Name


Module Header Text


Module Help URL


Module Path to Icon File


Module Title


Module Name of Pane where UDT resides


Module Display from Date




Current Date and Time


CPU Tick Count for Current Second


CPU Tick Count since Midnight


CPU Ticks per Day (for calculations)

For date/time and numeric values, you can also append a "format" string defined by the .Net framework, for example: [DateTime:Now|"format"] current date/time formatted according to "format", e. g. [DateTime:Now|f] displays current date in short format (does not apply to expressions of calculated columns)