VMWare Workstation on Windows Server 2008

I’m currently in a progress of deciding whether to VMWare Workstation or Hyper-V on my Windows Server 2008 for a development environment.  At first, I meant to seek for the one with better performance.  However, I’ve come across one article at diTii.com about an issue on using VMWare Workstation on Windows Server 2008.  Below is what they say.  It’s good to know this stuff beforehand.  Thanks :)

Due to the fact, in the current Intel/AMD chip architecture, only one hardware-based hypervisor can run at a time, you will want to create a special boot entry for a Hyper-V-less boot time configuration of Windows 2008. Assuming you are currently booted into Windows 2008, at an administrative command prompt, type the following:

bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Windows 2008 (No Hyper-V)”

The above command should say: The entry was successfully copied to {guid}.

Copy that {guid} to the clipboard including the curly braces.

Now, type the following command:

bcdedit /set {guid} hypervisorlaunchtype off

In the above command, replace {guid} with what you into the clipboard.

Boot into the ‘Windows 2008 (No Hyper-V)’ instance and you will no longer bluescreen while running VMWare guests.