A Clever(?) AdWords Technique

For those of you who read manga, you probably know of the name “Naruto”.
”Naruto” is the name of a quite famous Japanese manga series (read more…).
While browsing through a manga site today, I have come across an AdWords that really caught my attention.
”Naruto Hotels”!!! (What the…). Please see the image below for the ad.
I can see that it is an ad from a trip agency but why Naruto!!!???
After reading the details, I realized that, if I don’t misunderstand, the ad probably takes any famous word and put it as the title even if it doesn’t relate to what it is trying to sell.
The outcome is that the trip agency ad appears on a manga site!

Snap_2009.11.21 14.58.10_001

What do you think about this marketing technique?
Do you think the manga readers are their target audiences?
Is this technique effective and not against any rule?
Will it confuse the Web users seeing the ad?