Enable Remote Connection on SQL Server 2008

By default, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 doesn't allow any remote connection.  What we'll need to do is to enable TCP/IP protocol in SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for <InstanceName> and enable the TCP/IP protocol as shown in the picture below.  An example of InstanceName is MSSQLSERVER.

stolenbit_enable_remote_connection_on sql_server_2008

After restarting SQL Server (InstanceName) service (as shown below), it should work without any problem.  You can quickly access the services windows by going to start menu > run > type services.msc.  Locate the SQL Server (InstanceName) service, right click on it, and choose restart.


In my case, completing these steps enables me to connect from a remote machine successfully.  However, someone reported that we also need SQL Server Browser service running too.  Therefore, if completing the steps above doesn't help you get connected, you may try setting SQL Server Browser service to Automatic and start the service.