How To Run Full Screen IE with Toolbar Disabled (Kiosk Mode)

You're going out for a big IT show and letting users - your prospective clients - to enter their information via a website but you don't want them to navigate away freely.
You have tried pressing F11 to get a full screen mode of Internet Explorer but a user can still browse away freely.
Now you realize that you need a full screen mode without that annoying (in this case) toolbar.
What do you do?
  • Keep watching the users to prohibit them to browse around
  • Put a little sign on the top of your monitor telling them not to mess with it
  • Running IE in the kiosk mode
Obviously, you'll need the last option.
To run IE in the kiosk mode, click on the start menu button and click run.
Enter the following command:
iexplore -k [url]
where url is the page you want to IE to browse to.  It's optional.
If url is not specified, it will go to your home page.
iexplore -k
The only way to exit the kiosk mode is to close IE by pressing Alt + F4.
Pressing Ctrl + O or Ctrl + L will allow you browse to other web sites.
Well, if a user knows these key combinations, he/she can still browse away :P
To quickly get back to your home page, simply press Alt + Home :)
In a big show, I highly suggest that you set the page you want to display as your home page so that you can quickly get back to it after the page is somehow changed (e.g. after submitting information).
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