XslCompiledTransform vs. XslTransform - The Performance!

Today I have come across a very nice article about the performance of the XslCompiledTransform (.NET 2.0) vs. XslTransform (Obsolete).
The auther, Anton Lapounov, explained very well how he tested and how to improve the performance.
In conclusion, the XslCompiledTransform takes longer to load but it is much faster when transforming.
This is due to the absence of a native image of System.Data.SqlXml, the assembly where XslCompiledTransform resides, and thus JIT compilation is needed for the first run.
Anton solved this performance issue by NGen-ing it and that significantly reduces the XslCompiledTransform's load time (as well as that of XslTransform's).
Please feel free to visit his blog at XslCompiledTransform Slower than XslTransform?
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