Saxon for .NET - exception.Encoding: windows-874 not found

MSXML currently supports only XSLT 1.0.
To benefit from XSLT 2.0 under .NET environment, you need some other XSLT processors.
For some reasons, I have chosen Saxon.
Saxon provides .NET developers with a number of objects to interact with XML and XSLT.
To use Saxon without installing to GAC, you need to have all of the following 5 files and make references to the 4 dll files:
 Magical Snap - 2008.06.23 16.31 - 001Magical Snap - 2008.06.23 16.35 - 002
** These dll files are based on Saxon-B 9.0 for .NET.
     They may be changed depending on Saxon's version (e.g. Saxon-B - IKVM.GNU.Classpath.dll is changed to IKVM.OpenJDK.ClassLibrary.dll).
The following is a sample fragment of code for transforming XML: 
using Saxon.Api
using (TextReader sXsl = new StreamReader("myXslFile.xslt", Encoding.UTF8)) {
    Processor processor = new Processor();
    XsltCompiler compiler = processor.NewXsltCompiler();
    XsltTransformer transformer = compiler.Compile(sXsl).Load();
    XdmNode input = processor.NewDocumentBuilder().Build(xReader); // xReader is an XmlReader object containing XML content to be transformed.
    transformer.InitialContextNode = input;
    Serializer serializer = new Serializer();
    MemoryStream memStream = new MemoryStream();
    memStream.Position = 0;
    string htmlString = string.Empty;
    using(StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(memStream)){
        htmlString = reader.ReadToEnd();
However, running it yields "exception.Encoding: windows-874 not found" error.
This can be solved by adding the following configuration in web.config:
        <add value="utf8" key="ikvm:file.encoding" />
The page (with XSLT 2.0) is now rendered properly.
Saxon-B is open-source.
Saxon-SA is a commercial product.
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