WSS 3.0 Security Groups

In WSS 3.0, there are three (3) out-of -box security groups.

  1. Owners (Full-Control)
    • Get full access to the entire site and its subsites.
  2. Members (Read/Write)
    • Have "Contribute" permission level associated.  This "Contribute" permission level gives members quite a bit of power and could be out of control sometimes.
    • Members cannot see "Site Actions" button and those items hidden by an admin.  However, by default, they CAN edit and delete an item created by an admin!!! ("Contribute" permission level)
  3. Visitors (Read-Only)
    • Though visitors cannot see the "Site Actions" button, cannot do site personalization, and cannot edit or delete items, they, by default, CAN modify a shared document -*-
    You can create your own SharePoint groups.
    MOSS 2007 comes with more out-of-box groups.

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